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Indo-Chinese Night!

Indian Chinese cuisine is true diaspora food. Developed over a hundred years ago by the Chinese community in Kolkata, the spicy, Indianized version of Chinese sauces, noodles, soups, and rice is now popular in India and the India diaspora at … Continue reading

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Bollywood: Love/Hate

How is it that one can love Bollywood and simultaneously reject its indefatigable stream of misogyny, homophobia, nationalism, and racism? The eve of the 2012 U.S. presidential election is an apt time to revisit Bollywood’s relation to America, particularly how … Continue reading

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For my Father

Feeling much gratitude for my father today, as he steps in to help us out of a bind. There is something about his quiet presence that makes me feel like I can accomplish anything. So in his honor, I would … Continue reading

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The Most Beautiful Woman in the World

“The Most Beautiful Woman in the World,” published in Little India Magazine. An essay about mothers and daughters, glamour, and growing up Indian American.

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