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I'm Priya J. Shah, Ph.D. I taught courses on gender and sexuality, imperialism, globalization, and the politics of style for over five years and am currently pursuing my other passion for the arts.

6 Months Later…

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Anniversaries can be funny things: overdetermined occasions on which we attempt to fit ourselves into a narrative or trajectory of progress. I tended to think of my academic career in this way: judging…

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My Last Day as a Professor

Today is my last day of teaching as a professor. As an adjunct professor to be more specific. In my classes, we talk a lot about invisibility and its effects. Within the university system today, adjunct faculty are made invisible, … Continue reading

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A most irrational and paramount optimism: life with chronic pain

I have had a headache nearly every day since the age of nineteen. Some days it is a dull ache that starts in my neck or shoulder blades and slowly amplifies until that spot is sore to even the slightest … Continue reading

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The Wish of Happiness

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Indo-Chinese Night!

Indian Chinese cuisine is true diaspora food. Developed over a hundred years ago by the Chinese community in Kolkata, the spicy, Indianized version of Chinese sauces, noodles, soups, and rice is now popular in India and the India diaspora at … Continue reading

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Bollywood: Love/Hate

How is it that one can love Bollywood and simultaneously reject its indefatigable stream of misogyny, homophobia, nationalism, and racism? The eve of the 2012 U.S. presidential election is an apt time to revisit Bollywood’s relation to America, particularly how … Continue reading

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Do we really love our teachers? Online education and the future of college

Mitt Romney: “And that — and that’s why it’s so critical that we make America once again the most attractive place in the world to start businesses, to build jobs, to grow the economy. And that’s not going to happen … Continue reading

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